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1. The Guardhouse. Office and residence of Flint, captain of the guard.
2. The Black Kettle Inn. Tavern and sleeping quarters. Operated by Marta and her son Marcus.
3. The Smithy. Forge and shop of Ril the blacksmith.
4. Temple of Pelor. Healing and religious services. Home and office of Brother Curtis.
7. Home of Nyssa. The elven mage sells potions, scrolls, and magical lore.
9. Barracks. Housing for the town guard.
10. Merchants Guild. Trading consortium run by Finn and his wife Anara.

The “town” of Brazendell is little more than a fort on the edge of the wilderness. It is the last bastion of civilization before the road gives way to savage lands. A small cadre of brave souls eke out a living here, and the town is a magnet for adventurers looking to test their mettle and earn their fortunes.

The town is surrounded by a 20-foot palisade—hewn trees sharpened to a point. A 10-foot inner wall provides an extra layer of protection for the inhabited areas. The landscape within 150 feet of the outer wall has been cleared of trees, allowing a mostly unobstructed view of the nearby terrain.

Merchant caravans transporting food, weapons, and supplies travel several times a day between Brazendell and the cities to the east. To the north and south, deep forests hide tribes of humanoids. A half-day’s journey to the west lie the Caves of Chaos.

Main Page

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