Caves of Chaos

A. Kobolds B. Orcs C. Orcs D. Goblins
E. Ogre F. Hobgoblins G. Danger! H. Bugbears
I. Minotaur J. Gnolls K. Sacrificial Cave

A. Kobolds. The party was captured by the kobold chieftain, and ransomed by the warlock. They returned the next day to take their revenge, smoking out the rest of the kobolds and clearing the caves. They discovered an ominous note in the chieftain’s stash.

B. Orcs. The party hewed through over 40 orcs, clearing the cave and encountering a barred wooden door.

C. Orcs. The barred door in Cave B seems to connect these two caverns. The party smashed through, killing all the orcs and their chieftain, and finding another note. Exhausted, the left without fully exploring the rest of the cave.

D. Goblins. The party infiltrated one passage of the goblin warren, fended off an ogre, and discovered the entrance to the Hobgoblin caverns before being forced to retreat.

F. Hobgoblins. The party fought its way down a single passage, discovering several captives taken by the hobgoblins, including Finn, the head of the Merchants Guild and his wife Anara. The party returned to clear out the hobgoblins, stumbling on a back entrance to Cave D. An interrogation of hobgoblin hostages revealed much information about the situation in the caves.

Caves of Chaos

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